Hall Mark 1/8 22K/Stg GF

The 22K Bimetal used for Taglio jewelry is perfect for today’s fashions. As gold prices rise the value and esthetic qualities of this product will be enjoyed by those who appreciate fine designer jewelry.

Description and use:
     A layer of high karat gold alloy (22k) with a bright yellow color close to that of fine gold is bonded to sterling silver to form a sheet of precious metal with two distinct surfaces for finishing. The gold layer which is two to three times thicker than most gold filled products gives this product more workability than other gold filled products. Such surface treatments as engraving, scraping, folding and twisting can be used to accent the two surfaces, as well as burnishing and chasing.

By weight: 12.50% 22 Karat gold, 87.50% Sterling Silver
By volume: 7.63% 22karat gold, 92.36 Sterling Silver

Gold filled products must consist of at least one layer of a minimum of 10 karat gold. The karat gold layer must represent at least 1/20th of the metal weight.
Source; Houser and Miller CO INC